Wk 11 NRV 2021 Carroll County vs Floyd County Game

Wk 11 NRV 2021 Carroll County vs Floyd County Game 574 382 SWVA High School Sports

Round 2: Floyd County gets Carroll County 15-14 in rematch

Coach Beale Field, Floyd, Va – Covid-19 has caused all sorts of mayhem for high school football these past two seasons. The schedule shifts, cancelled games, and some teams ending up meeting each other twice. For Floyd and Carroll County, this was game two. After a 20-18 overtime victory for the Buffaloes in round one thanks to a Floyd County two-point conversion; the Cavaliers were ready to take their revenge. Sure enough, Carroll County jumped out to an early seven-point lead on their first drive. The Cavs used a twelve-play sequence capped off with a RB 4 Josh Dalton TD. It was a night of coordinated defense as there wouldn’t be another score until late in the third quarter. It was Buffalo RB 25 Nathan Saltus who made it to the end zone evening the odds, 7-7. The fourth quarter was action-packed. It began with another Dalton TD for the Cavs with the junior picking up fifty-nine out of his hundred and five-yards in one drive. But it was the Buffalo’s senior night and their seniors got the job done. Led by senior QB 9 Kaleb Fenton, Floyd made their way downfield and punched in another score with a RB 34 Emery Chaffin sprint. Maybe Floyd County Head Coach Beale was cold, or more likely he believed in his unit, but the Buffalo’s went for the two- point conversion to ice the game. Fenton found fellow senior 17 Elijah St. Clair for the reception and the Buffaloes ended their regular season with a big 15-14 win.

First Quarter –  Floyd County started the night off with a solid kick-off return thanks to 16 Laguon Thompson who grabbed thirty-four-yards up the right sideline before being wrestled down by the Cavs 12 LB Tyler Lineberry. It was Lineberry again with the help of 79 DL Elijah Slavey, forcing a stop on fourth down by sacking Fenton on fourth down. Carroll County took control at mid-field and began their onslaught. The Floyd County defense forced fourth down, but the Cavs didn’t back down as 5 QB Elijah Cox hit 82 TE Landon Harmon for a big nineteen-yard gain to push Carroll County inside the Buffalo’s twenty. Harmon would’ve had the score out right, but he was pulled down by senior Floyd County defensemen 17 Elijah St. Clair. St. Clair stopped the TD, but not the drive and the Cavs found their way to the end zone five plays later by way of a Dalton run through the left lane. 1 K Brogan Phillips punched in the PAT to complete the score. Floyd County came out swinging, picking up a quick first down when Fenton connected with 17 Rylan Swortzel after rolling left. The Buffaloes attacked through the air put the passes were slightly overthrown, forcing a 84 Phillip Radford punt. The Cavaliers started a promising drive, but it ended quickly with the first of their two to turnovers on the night. Dalton took it up the middle and lost the ball on his way down before the Buffalo defense pounced on the loose pigskin to end the quarter.

TE 40 Kaiden Swortzel pulls in QB 9 Kaleb Fenton’s pass

Second Quarter – Floyd County started the second quarter with advantageous field position around the Cavs thirty-yard line, but they wouldn’t gain much more. Carroll County’s 52 LB Mason Crocket stopped Floyd County’s Saltus and more Buffalo passes fell just out of reach. Fenton went for the QB sneak on fourth down but was mere inches short, sending the ball back to the Cavs. Carroll County trusted the football to Dalton who picked up a first down over three carries. The drive was rolling until a costly holding penalty forced Carroll County back to where Dalton started. Cox found Harmon again on third down for a fourteen-yard gain, but the damage from the penalty was too great, forcing a 7 K Logan tickle punt. Each team’s next drives were short three and outs thanks to big third down tackles by 42 DB Logan Coleman for the Cavs and 40 Kaiden Swortzel for the Buffaloes. Floyd County now had possession and Fenton finally connected with K. Swortzel for a nice twenty-six-yard gain up the middle before he was pulled down by Lineberry and “number three” LB Chandler Dalton.

Carroll County QB 5 Elijah Cox surveys the field while being pursued

The Buffalo’s success seemed to revolve around whether or not K. Swortzel got the ball. Sure enough, on third down the Cav’s “D” put heavy pressure on Fenton, forcing a wild pass that Swortzel just couldn’t get to. Floyd County punted it away and the Cavs attacked the Buffalo line on the ground alternating between Cox and Dalton carries. Floyd County’s defense moved as a unit meeting each rush with a host of Buffalo’s, stopping the drive cold. For the last drive of the half, Fenton again targeted Swortzel but the Cavs backfield were on their A-game stopping both pass attempts to end the half.


Third Quarter – The Buffaloes dominated the third quarter on the defensive end, facilitating three and outs or turnovers on every Carroll County drive while they tied up the ballgame on offense. The Cavs took possession first and got one-yard away from a first down before Cox targeted 9 WR Bryce Snoot. Snoot made and athletic catch but lost his handle on the ball after a big hit. After the punt, Floyd County took over and pushed the Cavalier defense back to their sixteen-yard line with another Fenton, K. Swortzel connection down the middle. Three plays later Fenton targeted K. Swortzel in the end zone with a perfect pass. But Floyd County wouldn’t score yet. “Number 1” Brogan Phillips covered the Buffalo receiver tight and interrupted the completion, stopping the TD. The Cavs stepped up and prevented the Buffaloes from getting inside the ten, reclaiming the ball on downs at the twelve after another incomplete Swortzel hook-up. A holding flag on third down after a bomb of a pass attempt from Cox stopped Carroll County and forced another punt.

Buffalo RB 25 Nathan Saltus pushes towards to the end zone

Emery Chaffin picked up sixteen-yards and a first down to kick off the drive, putting Floyd County twenty-yards shy of the end zone. This time it was 8 DB Sheldon Leonard who came in clutch by stopping Chaffin and Saltus behind the Buffalo line bringing up fourth down. Fenton targeted Swortzel, but the pass again fell incomplete, giving the Cavaliers control from their twenty-four-yard line. Carroll County wanted to move the ball up-field fast, so they opted for a pass heavy drive with Cox attempting deep throws. On the third pass, Fenton read Cox’s targeting and picked the ball off before cruising about thirty-yards down the Cavalier sideline. Floyd County had been knocking on the door all quarter and they would capitalize here. It was all Chaffin; the senior picked up the twenty necessary yards over three carries and put six points on the board for the Buffaloes. Radford punched in the PAT evening the score at one TD apiece.

Cavalier RB 4 Josh Dalton adds to his yardage during the Cavs TD drive

Fourth Quarter – The fourth quarter was a battle that ended up hinging on the late Floyd county two-point-conversion. Carroll County had the ball first and they opened the quarter with their longest drive of the game. Starting at their twenty-five, Cox found Harmon while evading heavy Buffalo pressure for a quick twenty-two-yards. It was all Josh Dalton from here. In nine consecutive runs, Carroll County had the lead, 14-7. Floyd County started at their twenty-four and had an equally impressive drive. Fenton hit 7 Ryan Swortzel for twenty-five-yards, breaking into Cavalier territory. The Buffaloes attacked on the ground with the carry alternating from Fenton, then Saltus, and Chaffin for the TD. St. Clair picked up the two extra points to put the Buffaloes up by one with just under two minutes left in the game. Floyd County stopped a potential Cavs kickoff return in its tracks, so Carroll County began their drive for the game at their thirty-seven. Judging from the first play, it looked like the Cavaliers had a chance to retake the lead. Cox found Bryce Snoot for twenty-five yards breaking into Floyd County’s half of the field. The Buffalo defense made themselves known starting with 44 Luke Schumann. Schuman wrapped up Cox, forcing him into throwing an awkward pass as he was falling. Dalton picked up a few yards and set up the Cavs for a couple final heaves. The first Cox bomb was an incredible pass aimed at Leonard. Carroll County would have been inside the ten, but Ryan Swortzel got to the pass first, deflecting it. It was fourth down and the Cavs had one more chance. Cox let the ball fly targeting Smoot, but it instead found the ground. Floyd County took over and took a knee, letting the clock expire. It looked like anyone’s game for the last few minutes of the contest, bringing the regular season to an end with a bang. – Graham Whitaker

DB 7 Rylan Swortzel deflects Cox’s pass, sealing the deal for Floyd County


1st Quarter
    • Carroll County: Dalton 2-yd run: Phillips PAT
3rd Quarter
    • Floyd County: Saltus 1-yd run: Radford PAT
4th Quarter
    • Carroll County: Dalton 2-yd run: Phillips PAT
    • Floyd County: Chaffin 2-yd run: St. Clair pass from Fenton 2-point conversion

Offense: Rushing: Floyd County – Nathan Saltus 14-47yds 1TD, Emery Chaffin 11-43yds 1TD, Kaleb Fenton 9-10 yds Carroll County – Josh Dalton 30-105 yds 2TD, Bryce Smoot 3-11yds Passing: Floyd County – Kaleb Fenton 6/19 99yds Carroll County – Elijah Cox 10/19 107yds 1INT Receiving: Floyd County – Kaiden Swortzel 4-65yds, Rylan Swortzel 2-34yds Carroll County – Landon Harmon 3-55yds, Brice Smoot 4-42yds, Sheldon Leonard 2-8yds, Brogan Phillips 1-2yds Punting: Floyd County – Phillip Radford 4/44yd avg. Carroll County – Logan Tickle 5/41yd avg.

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