Week 23 CrunchTIME Radio Show Feb 5, 2022

Week 23 CrunchTIME Radio Show Feb 5, 2022 598 396 SWVA High School Sports

Week 23 CrunchTIME Radio February 5, 2022

Welcome to CrunchTIME Radio (WPLY AM/FM), week 23 of Crunch and week 21 of the high school sports year. On today’s Show you will find area boys & girls basketball, and wrestling in and around the Roanoke Valley. The show features a weeks worth of U.S. Cellular-Crunch interviews with CrunchTIME Feb 5, 2022 area boys & girls basketball, and wrestling in and around the Roanoke Valley. The show features a weeks worth of U.S. Cellular-Crunch interviews. Cave Spring Coach Gruse and PH Coach Esworthy as well as Cave player Bryce Cooper from the Cave vs Patriot game. Lord Botetourt Coach Hart and Cavalier player Tyler Meade from the LB vs William Fleming game. PH Wrestling coach from Jessie Anderson and William Fleming wrestler Jacob Henderson (170 lb) from the Patrick Henry – William Fleming – William Byrd Tri match on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday we interviewed Patrick Henry Girls Coach Lou Cook and Patrick Henry player Jada Cook.

This is our 25th CrunchTIME High School Sports radio show this fall. If you are a serious Virginia high school sports fan you won’t want to miss our CrunchTIME show.

 Check it out. each and every Saturday morning at 10 am on WPLY. Below is this week’s February 5, 2021 CrunchTIME Radio show.

CrunchTIME Radio show:

CrunchTIME is a live, local, high school sports radio show on Fox Sports on WPLY 610 AM or 101.1 FM. (although we do dabble in some college) Each Saturday morning at 10am to 11am we air our talk radio show around high school football in the fall/winter and basketball and wrestling in the winter/early spring. It runs from the second week of August through the State Championships in the second week of December for football. Basketball and Wrestling go until the end of March, with the basketball state finals.

If you miss the Crunch, or want to hear it again, log in here each week and listen to Carl, Jimmy, and Coach Randy recap our games of the week, the surprise outcomes, area scores, and commentary about everything between the lines on the field. We interview the players, the coaches, band members, cheerleaders, fans…. anyone is fair game for CrunchTIME. Each week we have an excerpt of an interview from a past legendary high school coach, a current high school coach or a great high school player from year’s past. In the fourth quarter of the hour long show, we run a segment called the ‘Jimmy Thang’ where our on air partner calls out a cool story that he heard at one of the games. We have a ‘Great 8’ debate (poll) highlighting our area’s top eight teams this week, as we see it and why. We’ll tell you “Five things you need to know about Virginia High School Football” this week. And we’ll tease next week’s best games.  Also, new this year, we will highlight a US Cellular ‘play of the day.’ It could be a player, a coach, cheerleader, marching band member, or someone in the student body section. You may here snippets of local bands, cheerleaders calling our CrunchTIME or listeners chiming in, putting their two cents worth in.

The show can also be listened to as a podcast on PodBean. If you want to see us make the show (how the sausage is made) each week, you can also find us on Facebook live.

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