Wk 3 NRV 2022 George Wythe @ Giles game

Wk 3 NRV 2022 George Wythe @ Giles game 448 332 SWVA High School Sports

Maroons get hard fought 35-7 win over Giles in Pearisburg

Ragsdale Field, Pearisburg, VA -  It was an uncharacteristically quiet night at Giles High School during the Spartans - Maroons match-up. The stands were still packed and students were out in droves; but the iconic Giles train horn was silent thanks to an impressive 35-7 victory on the road by George Wythe.
Both Giles and Wythe were run first, pass if we have to teams on Friday. However, each squad took a different approach. Giles operated as if they’re backs were living pieces in a . . .

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