2023 Crunch Player Interviews – Preston Lonker, Cave Spring Knights

2023 Crunch Player Interviews – Preston Lonker, Cave Spring Knights 2206 1242 SWVA High School Sports

Cave Spring SR OL/DL 70 Preston Lonker

Why do you wear #70? My dad (Coach Ricky Lonker) wore it in high school and in college. My Freshman year, in middle school, I wore #75. When I got to Varsity they were saving 75 for another older player so I picked 70 up…fun, little carry on.

Pregame Ritual? I change it up a little. Sometimes just take naps, eat.

Favorite Music/Artist? I gotta say Country Music, Zach Bryan

Favorite Class and Teacher? I like all my classes. I like having my dad as a teacher… always there for me. Helped me with whatever I’ve needed.

Who makes you better in practice? Rhett Womack (58) does a good job. He may be a little smaller than me, but he gives 110% effort every week. And he gives 110% effort in games. He’s a really good player.

Who did you want to play well for tonight? Getting a year to play with my him (little brother – QB 6 Garrett) and I love every minute of it.

Are you going to play in college? I am hoping to, yes… not sure where yet, but I am keeping the doors open.

Favorite place to eat and favorite food? I am not going to lie. I think my Mom’s cooking overules everyone else. I like when she makes her baked chicken with little bread combs over it, salad, and mashed potatoes…that’s good

Nickname? I’ve got a lot. Most popular one is “P” or “Big P”…. they call me “Baby Bear” when I wear all black.

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