Wk 10 LYN 2023 rustburg @ Liberty-Bedford

Wk 10 LYN 2023 rustburg @ Liberty-Bedford 752 1294 SWVA High School Sports

Rustburg Rolls Past Liberty as turnovers hurt the Minutemen

Liberty High School, Bedford, VA – The Red Devils blew into a packed Liberty High like a hurricane Friday night, scoring 47 points in the first quarter against a Minutemen team that’s had a hard season to say the least. Rustburg’s RB 24 Marshaun Rosser (5/54 rush yards 2TD’s) got the first score of the night, and RB 32 Marquavion Rosser (3/64 rush yards 2TD’s) followed it up after the Red Devil’s recovered an early Liberty fumble. 

Liberty’s four first-quarter turnovers played an important role in Rustburg’s TD heavy first quarter. But no one can say Liberty quit, as the Minutemen continued grinding, only turning it over one more time throughout the game. 44 TE Kadin Byers attributed the outcome to battles at the line of scrimmage, “If we don’t pick it up up front, this is going to happen every single game.”

Rustburg got to give several different players touches throughout the night and they all made their mark. All six Red Devil backs that carried the football scored, including freshmen RB 34 John Wingfield (8/51 rush yards 1TD) and WR 9 Jacob Wingfield (2/17 rush yards 1TD), who scored in the second and fourth quarter, respectively.Red Devil QB 10 Michael Knight (3/3 123 pass yards 2TD’s) put it best after the game, “We came to play, and we did what we do.” – Graham Whitaker

Offense –
Rushing –
Rustburg -Marquavion Rosser 3/64yds 2TD’s, Marshaun Rosser 5/54yds 2TD’s, John Wingfield 8/51yds 1TD, #22 1/50yds 1TD, Ari Reid 3/25yds 1TD, Jacob Wingfield 2/17yds 1TD Liberty – Nas Johnson 9/38yds, Michael Bradley 3/14yds, Gage Byers 1/13yds, Trey Foxx 6/4yds
Rustburg -Michael Knight 3/3 123yds 2TD’s Liberty – Aiden Cottrell 5/10 45yds 1INT, Gage Byers 0/1 0yds
Rustburg -Ashton Dixon 1/1 63yds 1TD, Aden Staton 1/1 41yds, Thomas Goff 1/1 19yds 1TD Liberty – Nas Johnson 3/4, 32yds, Trey Foxx 2/4 13yds, Kadin Byers 0/2 0yds
Liberty – Aiden Cottrell 2/13.5yd avg.

1st quarter
Rustburg -6 yard Marshaun Rosser rush: Giles PAT 10:25
Rustburg -1 yard Quay Rosser rush: Giles PAT 10:06
Rustburg -54 yard Quay Rosser rush: Giles PAT 8:02
Rustburg -19 yard Michael Knight pass to Goff: PAT failed 7:40
Rustburg -26 yard Marshaun Rosser rush: Burani PAT 6:05
Rustburg -60 yard Alexander Dunn fumble return: PAT failed 4:28
Rustburg -63 yard Michael Knight pass to Dixon: Giles PAT 1:10

2nd quarter
Rustburg -18 yard John Wingfield rush: PAT failed 6:09

3rd Quarter
Rustburg -2 yard Ari Reid rush: Giles PAT 5:43

4th quarter
Rustburg -12 yard Jacob Wingfield rush: Giles PAT
Rustburg -50 yard Eric Pannel Jr. rush: Giles PAT

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