Wk 11 LYN 2023 Jefferson Forest @ LCA

Wk 11 LYN 2023 Jefferson Forest @ LCA 752 1294 SWVA High School Sports

Bulldogs win battle of unbeatens, claim Seminole District Title

Liberty Christian Academy, Lynchburg, VA– In a battle of the unbeatens to round out the regular season, the LCA Bulldogs came out on top with a dominant third quarter performance against Jefferson Forest. Over the first half, the two undefeated teams were neck and neck.

LCA drew first blood to go up seven in the first. Early in the second, Knight’s QB 19 Josiah Bell (11/38 rush yards 2TD’s 14/16 188 pass yards) spiraled a 33-yard pass to WR 4 Sam Hammersmith (2/42 yards) and finished things up himself from the goal line to tie things up.

After the half, LCA looked like a different team on offense, scoring on every possession while preventing JF from gaining a single yard in the third thanks to pivotal sacks from DE 78 Easton Ware. QB 9 Jeb Moon (2/13 rush, 4/60 pass, TD) put the Bulldogs up with a perfect 40-yard TD pass to WR 11 Dalton Nesselrotte (2/54, TD). Gideon Davidson (23/170, 2TD’s rushing, 1/4 yards receiving) kept the pressure on picking up two TD’s of his own.

“Jefferson Forest is a very good team, my hats off to them,” LCA Head Coach Rocco said after the game. “I’m just so proud of our guys to have the fight to not get their heads down and find a way to keep battling back.” – Graham Whitaker

LCA – Gideon Davidson 23/170yds 2TD’s, Jeb Moon 2/13yds, Eli Castaneda 2/10yds, Jayden Cowart 1/5yds, James Dyo 1/2yds 1TD Jefferson Forest – Josiah Bell 11/38yds 2TD’s, Camerohn Parker 4/13yds, Lukas Calkins 4/9yds, Dameen Williams 3/8yds
LCA – Jeb Moon 4/8 60 1TD Jefferson Forest – Josiah Bell 14/16 188yds
LCA – Dalton Nesselrotte 2/54yds 1TD, Gideon Davidson 1/1 4yds, Griffin Tilley 1/1 2yds, JD Murphy 0/1 0yds Jefferson Forest –– Dameen Williams 4/4 44yds, Sam Hammersmith 2/2 42 yds, Lukas Calkins 1/1 33 yds, #37 1/1 32yds, Jamarcus Johnson 2/2 22yds, Raekwan Blake 1/3 15yds, Camerohn Parker 4/4 2yds
LCA– Jeb Moon 1/26yds Jefferson Forest – Raekwan Blake 2/43yds, Camerohn Parker 1/10yds
LCA– Dalton Nesselrotte 1/34yds Jefferson Forest – Mark Settle 1/25yds

First Quarter-
LCA: 1-yard Gideon Davidson run; Ryan Pettit PAT
Second Quarter-
Jefferson Forest: 1 yard Bell Rush: Mark Settle PAT 10:07
Third Quarter-
LCA 40yd Moon pass to Nesselrotte: Ryan Pettit PAT 9:44
LCA: 19yd Davidson rush: Ryan Pettit PAT 4:24
Fourth Quarter
LCA: 2yd Deyo rush: Ryan Pettit PAT 4:24
Jefferson Forest: 3yd Bell rush: Mark Settle PAT 6:29
LCA: 1yd Davidson rush: Ryan Pettit PAT 0:59

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