Week 13 CrunchTIME Radio Show Nov 20, 2021

Week 13 CrunchTIME Radio Show Nov 20, 2021 598 396 SWVA High School Sports

CrunchTIME Nov 20 show featured live interview with Franklin County Head Coach J.R. Edwards on the US Cellular-Crunch Hotline. The Haley Toyota, Coaching/Player Legend's of the game, featured former William Fleming Head Coach George 'Kila' Miller, who just passed away this week. You'll also hear excerpts from Salem Head Coach Don Holter after the Spartan's second round playoff win Friday night.
This is our 15th CrunchTIME High School Football radio show this fall. We also highlight our ’Great 8' poll, the Jimmy Thang, and the 'Five things you need to know about High School . . .

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