Wk 7 RNK 2021 Salem vs Pulaski County Game

Wk 7 RNK 2021 Salem vs Pulaski County Game 574 382 SWVA High School Sports

Salem runs away from Pulaski County 55-6 through the air

Kenneth J.Dobson Stadium, Joel Hicks Field, Pulaski, VA - The Salem Spartans and the Pulaski Cougars renewed a storied rivalry Friday night at Kenneth J. Dobson Stadium in Pulaski. On the way into the game, the Crunch team had the privilege of talking with the man whom the field was named after – Coach Joel Hicks, as he and his wife there to cheer on the Cougars. Pulaski’s current Coach, Mark Dixon, had a tall order in store for him, playing without a few key starters who were . . .

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