Wk 1 RNK 2021 Salem vs Martinsburg Game

Wk 1 RNK 2021 Salem vs Martinsburg Game 574 384 SWVA High School Sports

Martinsburg (WV) wins interstate battle 35-21 over Salem

Spartan Stadium, Willis White Field, Salem, Va. - What happens when you put together two traditional high school football teams from neighboring states for an opening season game.... you typically get a hardhitting, hard charging grid iron affair. Friday nights opening foray qualified with the visiting Martinsburg, WV team winning 35-21 over Salem. Spartan Coach Don Holter took the blame for the loss. “No excuses, we need to coach them (Spartans) better, bottomline... but I like my kids. The effort was absolutely there. We are young in spots. We . . .

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