Wk 4 RNK 2021 Glenvar vs Hidden Valley Game ‘Bonus Game’

Wk 4 RNK 2021 Glenvar vs Hidden Valley Game ‘Bonus Game’ 574 382 SWVA High School Sports

Hidden Valley moves to 4-0 with a 55-51 win over previously unbeaten Glenvar

Bogle Field, Roanoke, Va– In arguably the best game of the year thus far, two undefeated Roanoke County teams battled ’til the end. Hidden Valley (4-0) outlasted Glenvar 55-51 with six lead changes in the last quarter. If you like offense, you were in the right place…defense, not so much. But yet, the defenses were flying around, making plays and creating some takeaways, but the offenses were better. At least this night. Hidden Valley head coach Scott Weaver was happy with the win but also scratching his head with the defenses tonight, “It was a wild game, a sloppy game, a penalty-laden game, but you’re not going to hear a 4-0 coach complain either.” It seemed that every time one team got some momentum, the other answered. Glenvar came back time and again, and took the lead, 44-42, with four minutes left in the game on a 29-yard K 16 Carl Muse field goal. Glenvar Coach Kevin Clifford liked the fight in his team but thought his team made too many mistakes to win. “We showed some resiliency to take the lead late, but the bottomline is that they made plays at the end and we didn’t.”

First Quarter – This game started out fast and ended up faster. Hidden Valley scored on three of their first four possessions. Glenvar produced points on two of their first five, but watching this one the feeling was you couldn’t get behind too far, or you may run out of time trying to catch up. Hidden Valley scored first on a nifty, counter run to the H-back 15 Ashton Carroll. The Senior, headed to Ball State next year to play football, made a cut and raced 40-yards untouched into the end zone. Glenvar got their first points of the night, following a botched snap-punt. The Highlanders turned that into three points on a 25-yard field goal by K 16 Carl Muse. In a microcosm of the game, the two teams combined for three TDs in the last minute of the first quarter. Dragovich hit Carroll on a 29-yard TD toss and then followed that up with a 64-yard bomb to WR/DB 1 Braxton Dunnings with no time on the clock. Those two scores were sandwiched around an 11-yard TD pass from Glenvar QB 4 Aiden Wolk to WR 1 Jackson Swanson. HV led 21-10 after one.

Hidden Valley QB 16 Sam Dragovich let’s it fly

Second Quarter – The second quarter was even more action packed. Of the eleven possessions of the ball combined for both teams, nine resulted in scores. Hidden Valley scored on three QB 16 Sam Dragovich passes, and his 3-yard run. That coupled with DB 1 Dunnings 73-yard ‘pick six’ gave HV what you would have considered a comfortable lead 42-28. Glenvar also did some damage in the second quarter, as Highlanders scored a TD running, passing and a field goal. RB 2 Kyle Hanks picked up the 3-yd running TD. QB 4 Wolk hit Sophomore WR 17 Dawson Anderson for a score and K 16 Muse striped a 30-yard field goal.

Third Quarter – The third was the least exciting quarter on the night. Both of their possessions resulted in punts, although one had the HV bleachers buzzing until a yellow handkerchief denied a perfectly executed fake punt for a score. Dragovich, who doubles as the Titan punter, hit WR/DB 2 Jonah Harding on a perfectly thrown ball down the left hashes. But illegal motion brought it back. Glenvar K 16 Muse missed a 29-yarder and the quarter ended with the same score we started with, 42-28 Hidden Valley.

Fourth Quarter – The final quarter went from crazy to nuts. Glenvar RB 2 Hanks scored at the 10:47 mark and the PAT made it 42-35. After LB 10 Mason Anderson recorded his second interception of the day, Glenvar drew near with a three play, 48-yard TD pass from Wolk to WR 7 Dagan Williams. The all important extra point sailed wide though, so HV still led 42-41. Glenvar’s defense forced another Titan punt and K 16 Muse redeemed himself with another 29-yard field goal. Now Glenvar had taken the lead 44-42. Hidden Valley re-awoke and Dragovich found WR 1 Dunnigan on a stop and go route for a 28-yard TD. HV’s two pointer failed and the Titans led 48-44. One Glenvar offensive play later, Wolk found Dagan Williams streaking down the sidelines for a 80-yard score. K 28 Tyler Pierce’s PAT made it 51-48 Glenvar with 2:14 left in the game. From there, the Titan’s field leadership stepped up. Dragovich hit Joey Strong for 30-yards to the forty-nine. Then, after a five yard Glenvar penalty, Dragovich found Carroll over the middle in a crowd. The Senior pulled it in and darted to the the front corner pilon for the score. K 8 Brody Layman’s point after made it 55-51 Hidden Valley. DB 20 Joey Strong made the big interception down the middle of the field for the Titans and the ‘track meet’ was over.

This game was exciting for the fans, but exhausting for the coaches. Coach Clifford summed it up, “You can’t give up 55 points and expect to win. We put the ball on the ground three times, had a pick six, bad snap on the punt. You can’t do that against anyone, let alone a quality team. And they are a quality team. They were 3-0 for a reason.” Weaver was also complimentary of the Highlanders and Coach Clifford, “He’s an outstanding coach. He’s won a state championship for a reason. They are so fundamentally sound and play so hard. It’s a good rivalry.”

Rushing– Hidden Valley – Carroll 2/64, TD, Banks 10/33, LaTempa 3/9, Dragovich 8/(-15), TD, Team 3/(-13) Glenvar – Hanks 10/101, 2TDs, Wolk 24/69, Swanson 5/10, Williams 2/3
Passing– Hidden Valley– Dragovich 21/36, 383, 4TDs, 2 INTs Glenvar – Wolk 20/30, 349, 4TDs, 2 INTs
ReceivingHidden Valley– Dunnings 5/146, 2TDs, Carroll 5/103, 2TDs, Strong 6/67, TD, Banks 3/49, Harding 1/12, LaTempa 1/8 Glenvar – Williams 7/172, 2TDs, Swanson 8/105, TD, M Anderson 3/33, Gibson 1/22, D Anderson 1/17, TD
Punting– Hidden Valley– Dragovich 3/29 yd avg Glenvar– N/A
Returns– Hidden Valley– Carroll 5/87, Strong 2/30yd, 20 yd INT, LaTempa 2/25, Dunnings 73yd INT for TD Glenvar– Wolk 1/9, Swanson 2/15, M Anderson 1/41, 30 yd INT
Field Goals– Glenvar– Muse 4/4 FGs (25, 30, 29, and 29 yds)

Hidden Valley – Fitzgerald 14 Tkls, 2 Sks, TFL, Rec Fmb, Carroll 13 Tkls, TFL, Csd Fmb, Strong 9 Tkls, INT, Pardon 8 Tkls, Clemont 6 Tkls, Sk, LaTempa 5 Tkls, TFL, Robinson 5 Tkls, Harding 4 Tkls, BU, Phelps 4 Tkls, Dunnings 3 Tkls, Banks 2 Tkls, Johnson Tkl, Whitenack Tkl, Fedison Tal
Glenvar – Gibson 7 Tkls, TFL, HUR, D Williams 5 Tkls, M Anderson 2 INTs, 3 Tkls, Hanks 3 Tkls, N Williams 3 Tkls, Carter 2 Tkls, Custer 2 Tkls, TFL, Birdlebough Tkl, Sk, N Johnson Tkl, TFL, Crowder Tkl, Taylor Tkl

First Quarter
Hidden Valley: Carroll 40-yd TD run; Layman PAT (7:40)
Glenvar: Muse 25-yd FG
Hidden Valley: Carroll 29-yd TD pass from Dragovich; Layman PAT (1:02)
Glenvar: Swanson 11-yd TD pass from Wolk; Pierce PAT (0:16)
Hidden Valley: Dunnings 64-yd TD pass from Dragovich; Layman AT (0:00)

Second Quarter
Glenvar: Hanks 3-yd TD run; D Williams 2-pt pass from Wolk (8:32)
Hidden Valley: Dunnings 73-yd INT for a TD; Layman PAT (7:34)
Glenvar: Muse 30-yd FG
Hidden Valley: Dragovich 3-yd TD run; Layman PAT (5:14)
Hidden Valley: Strong 3-yd TD pass from Dragovich; Layman PAT (2:56)
Glenvar: D Anderson 17-yd TD pass from Wolk; Pierce PAT (0:27)

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter
Glenvar: Hanks 2-yd TD run; Pierce PAT (10:47)
Glenvar: D Williams 48-yd TD pass from Wolk; PAT no good (8:47)
Glenvar: Muse 29-yd FG (4:04)
Hidden Valley: Dunnings 28-yd TD pass from Dragovich; Layman PAT (2:28)
Glenvar: D Williams 80-yd TD pass from Wolk; Pierce PAT (2:14)
Hidden Valley: Carroll 46-yd TD pass from Dragovich; Layman PAT (1:33)

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