Wk 8 LYN 2021 Liberty Christian vs Heritage Game

Wk 8 LYN 2021 Liberty Christian vs Heritage Game 574 382 SWVA High School Sports

LCA Pancakes Heritage 49-10
in a Seminole District showdown

City Stadium Lynchburg, VA – The stage was set for a Seminole district battle between two heavy-weight teams. Heritage high school had only charted one loss on the season
and had already beaten two tough Glass and Brookville teams. At first, it looked like even the sky was rooting for the Pioneers, sporting a deep orange Heritage glow. However, the team to beat is Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) and they came to prove why. The momentum shifted early in the first quarter after a highlight-reel interception and return from Pioneer LB/WR 18 Kenai Booker-Felder.  “Number 18” snagged the pass and booked it almost ninety-yards before he was chased down by LCA’s TE/LB 18 Dillon Stowers. LCA handedly stopped the Heritage touchdown push, forcing the Pioneers to settle for a field goal and refused to slow down for the rest of the game. Liberty clocked seven touchdowns for the night, four of which were scored by the Davidson brothers, RB/OLB 10 Caleb Davidson and RB/FS 28 Gideon Davidson. LCA’s Coach Rocco was proud of his unit, “Our guys play with great confidence especially against other great teams. Coach Bradley is a great coach and his team is always well prepared but when we get cooking, good things happen, and we got on a roll tonight.” Next week LCA will again defend their undefeated season against Liberty-Bedford and Heritage will face Jefferson Forest.

First Quarter – For a high scoring game, the first quarter was a bit light on TD’s with LCA picking up one score and Heritage punching in a field goal. LCA won the toss and went on the offensive chipping away at the Pioneer defense with QB/FS 7 Davis Lane tosses and Caleb Davidson rushes. The drive looked promising until Booker-Felder’s quick hands and speed got the home Heritage crowd on their feet with a screaming ninety-yard return. LCA isn’t a team to roll-over and despite the stellar Pioneer field position, Liberty managed to push the orange back.

Heritage LB/WR 18 Kenai Booker-Felder gets an early interception

Heritage went to their RB/DB 2 Zac Steele but he was taken down behind the line once by LCA’s OT/DE 50 Zachary Rice and again by REC/CB 24 Caleb Sears to force the field goal.

The Pioneers must have been fired up as they stopped Liberty Christian’s drive cold. LCA was one yard away from a first down but the Heritage defense overwhelmed Liberty’s O-line and a host of Pioneers including LB 44 Markaz Wood and LB 36 Floyd Evans among others brought down Lane after an ill-advised pitch to force the punt. This would end up being one of the last big stops for Heritage as LCA would go on to score their seven TD’s on the next seven consecutive possessions. The Pioneers went three and out after an incomplete bomb pass from QB 14 Kameron Burns targeted to WR/LB 6 Keshaun Hubbard. From here,

LCA RB 10 Caleb Davidson runs behnd a kickout block by TE 18 Dillon Stowers

LCA got cooking. It started with a powerful twenty-three-yard rush from Caleb Davidson, flattening a few Heritage defenseman in the process. It looked like Heritage might survive the drive when the Pioneer D stopped Davidson in his tracks on third down. Lane had other plans, despite having open receivers in the end zone he took it to the house himself with a dive into the pylon on fourth down. After the K/P 16 Chase Dupin PAT, LCA found themselves up 7-3 with seven seconds left in the quarter.

Second Quarter – In terms of scoring, the second quarter was slammed. LCA picked up three TD’s and Heritage got one of their own as well. The Pioneers took the ball first, but Burns was pressured by LCA’s tenacious defense and threw three incomplete passes, sending the football back into Liberty’s hands. LCA steadily moved up-field and saved the drive with a wild eighteen-yard fourth down pass from Lane to Stowers to put Liberty Christian inside the Heritage ten. 

Bulldog RB 28 Gideon Davidson turns the corner

With a quick pitch to Caleb Davidson, LCA broke the plane for the score making the game 14-3 with six and half minutes left in the quarter. LCA attacked every Pioneer vulnerability they could, especially on kickoffs.

Heritage QB 14 Kam Burns looks for room to run

Each Dupin kick was short and targeted to a specific Pioneer. The first few kickoffs were aimed at “number 44” Wood who did what he could but there’s only so much one player can do when eight defensemen are rumbling toward them. Wood held on to the ball this time, but just barely, as it popped out after he was ruled down. Heritage tried to get moving through the air but LCA’s defense kept Burns on the run and the ball out of Pioneer hands queuing up another Heritage punt.

From here, LCA moved fast. After a short punt, Lane connected with REC/CB 1 Jaylin Belford for a highlight reel reception. Belford ran it the rest of the way, slipping through tackles and out-running everyone on the field to secure the fifty-nine-yard touchdown. Up 21-3, LCA continued the onslaught with another targeted kickoff. Wood signaled for a fair catch, but the short, high kick landed behind him allowing LCA RB/FS 28 Gideon Davidson time to secure the ball before the orange could react, reclaiming possession. This time it would take Liberty Christian twice as long to score, meaning they scored in two quick plays. They were Davidson brothers carries, the first from Caleb Davidson and the touchdown from Gideon Davidson with a huge thirty-four-yard diving run to the house. Now trailing 28-3 the Heritage Pioneers hunkered down and put together their best drive of the game.

Steele picked up a few yards to begin and Burns did the rest, completing four out of five passes on the drive. The big play finally happened with a perfect Burns pass over the middle to WR/DB 13 Kenneth “Deuce” Crawford who caught the ball in stride and took it home for an impressive sixty-two-yard TD reception. After the Heritage PAT from K/P 33 Karson Adcock, the Pioneers went into the halftime break still in the game, but down 28-10.

Pioneer RB 2 Zac Steele

Liberty Christian’s D-line on the move

Second Half – Sometimes the rich just get richer. That was absolutely the case in the second half as LCA added three more touchdowns and Heritage picked up none. Most of the action happened over the third quarter as LCA scored three times in a row. The first TD came after LCA shutdown the opening Pioneer drive with a sack from C/DE 56 Tyler Murray to force a punt. Belford got it started with a crispy twenty-yard return and Caleb Davidson strolled in for the touchdown two plays later.

Bulldog TE/LB 18 Dillon Stowers breaks tackles on his way to a second half touchdown

Heritage had a few promising passes in the next drive, but it all went down the drain after a Burns fumble and LCA recovery. Liberty Christian stuck to their guns and scored again quick, with the big play in the form of a Lane forty-five-yard pass to Stowers facilitated by a few clutch blocks from Sears and Belford. Up 42-10, LCA kept up the pressure on defense forcing another punt. For the last TD of the night, LCA took it slow, at least slow for them. In six plays the Davidson brothers combined for seventy-seven-yards, capped off with a twenty-eight-yard Gideon Davidson score. After the extra-point, the score bloated to 49-10 and it would stay that way. In the fourth quarter we had two QB changes. Heritage lost Burns after an unorthodox play. After Burns was swung around by LCA’s TE/NT 89 Jayden Link he was tripped up by a host of Liberty defensemen as he scrambled to the sideline. QB 9 Jaicere Bateman took over and completed a couple of nice passes, one of which would have been fifty-yard TD heave if it weren’t for LCA’s pass interreference. Just like Heritage, “number nine” QB/DB Jeb Moon got a few plays in directing the LCA offense. Both teams couldn’t get it going in the final quarter and the Seminole district battle concluded with Liberty Christian on top, 49-10 ending a wild night of high school football.

OffenseRushingLiberty Christian– G. Davidson 10/110, 2TDs, C. Davidson 16/135, 2TDs, D. Lane 5/23, TD, Justis Belford 2/6  Heritage – Z. Steele 9/21, R. Booker 2/6, K Burns 2/3, K. Crawford 1/(-4)  PassingLiberty Christian– D. Lane 7/10, 175, 2TDs, INT, J. Moon 0/1 , 0 Heritage – K. Burns 9/19, 110, TD, J. Bateman 3/6, 40 ReceivingLiberty Christian– D. Stowers 3/71, TD, J. Belford 2/67, TD, D. Jones 1/20, C. Davidson 1/17,   Heritage – D. Brown 2/71, TD, J Mosley 3/39, M. Pennix 4/27, K Crawford 2/9, Z. Steele 1/4

    First Quarter
Heritage : Adcock 26-yd field goal (5:34)                  
LCA: Davis Lane 8-yd TD run. Dupin PAT (0:07)
    Second  Quarter
LCA: Caleb Davidson 3-yd TD run. Dupin PAT (6:39)
LCA: Jaylin Belford 59-yd TD pass from Davis Lane, Dupin PAT (5:18)
LCA: Gideon Davidson 34-yd TD run. Dupin PAT (4:23)
Heritage: Darius Brown 63-yd TD pass from Kam Burns. Adcock PAT (0:52)      
    Third Quarter                                                                      
LCA: Caleb Davidson 42-yd TD run. Dupin PAT (8:57)
LCA: Dilon Stowers 45-yd TD pass from Davis Lane. Dupin PAT (4:51)
LCA: Gideon Davis 23-yd TD run. Dupin PAT (1:19)

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